Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April NewFO's

I'm reporting in to the NewFO group with my April starts & finishes.  April ends with a super bright and cheery NewFO.  I posted about it a few days ago but have made a little more progress since.  From a line of fabric called Dilly Dally (by Me and My Sister for Moda) I've decided to make pinwheels!

Doesn't my latest block remind you of sweet yummy tangerines?  Pinwheel blocks go together fast and since these are made from charm pack squares it's even faster. I only had to cut down the diagonal and then cut the white into squares the same way.

Here's my work in progress.

So did you notice what's right in the center? Prairie Points...Yay.They are my second favorite next to pinwheel blocks.  And these are tiny.

The pattern I'm following was originally for a baby quilt so the smaller prairie points were perfect.
The original pattern could be made with just one charm pack and the 5 inch squares get cut into 2 1/2 in. squares to make the little prairie points.

Since I'm making a lap size quilt I "had" to order more Dilly Dally to have enough pinwheels.  How tragic...more Dilly Dally, haha. I toyed with the idea of making the prairie points a little bigger...but then I couldn't use the charms as easily. Don't want to do any more math than I have to (in the classroom) nor more cutting.   So we'll go with the small ones.

And finally, here's the two finished blocks together:
So, that's another NewFO off to a great start
and I'm marking off the list on my NewFO page
 to keep track of where I am.
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Barbara said...

So cute! I love those colors!

Faith S. said...

Love those colors...actually my first thought? Orange-Creme popsicle! LOL! Hmmm, wonder where MY mind is? ;)

I really love this project, the colors are simply amazing. I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Happy quilting GF!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm fixing to make a pinwheel quilt in bright colors for a graduation quilt. It will be in my NFO's next month. Cute!

Anonymous said...

Such a "perky" and "relaxing" look...will be a perfect quilt for spring and summer!

Heather said...

Hi Wendy! I've been secretly reading from afar and am loving all your creations! I stopped by to award you with the Liebster Award for blogging. Stop by my blog on Thursday for the details and to pass the award on to others whom you enjoy visiting in blogland! :o)

Leovi said...

I love this smart and exquisite composition.

Gattina said...

That looks very nice ! I love to see them finished, lol ! I have no patience for sewing !