Monday, April 23, 2012

Button, Button (Macro Monday)

I'm calling this Quilter's Candy.  : D

Thanks for stopping by today.

See more close ups over at Lisa's Chaos.
and have great week!


Lea said...

Love the colors, the shapes, the textures - just an all-around great photo!
Have a wonderful day!
Lea's Menagerie

Leah said...

Such a happy colorful shot.
I first got my creative feet wet with quilting. It was the putting together of fabric and patterns that initially set me on my creative path. (never would of dreamed of calling myself "creative" before).
So quilting is still close to my heart though I don't do much of it now. I see you like goodreads too.
Thanks for sharing.

Libby said...

What a great idea to do macros of the buttons :) I love that they are so colorful, and the texture so smooth. something really cheerful about them!

Anonymous said...

Great shots! I love all those bright cheerful colors!

Faith S. said...

I LOVE buttons! Such great's nice to have such a talented bff!


PhenoMenon said...

I used to love collecting buttons of dff kinds when I was small. THen growing up it became little weapons to attack other kids :D and now I have none


Linda in Calif. said...

Yes this is quilting candy. Really like photo! Sorry I haven't been commenting - just too busy to even get on the computer lately.

Elsie said...

Very cute pictures of beautiful buttons, so colorful and detailed.

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Wendy, your button photos are so vibrant and cheerful. I hope life is treating you kindly at the moment. Have a great week.