Sunday, April 29, 2012

Games People Play - Macro Monday

Spent a relaxing saturday evening playing Cribbage with a good friend.
And decided to experiment for Macro Monday
Tried some different things with lighting,
hoping to avoid the dreaded shadows.
And the best thing about it....
I WON.  At least this time.

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Have a most pleasant Macro Monday!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dilly Dally Day

Finally, I'm quilting again.

Yep, pulled out the Dilly Dally I got over a year ago.

Just couldn't resist the colorful

flowery fun.

Combine them with my favorite block...PINWHEELS.

And pair 'em up with white on white dots.

Block #1, done.
 Whew, my "creative block" is broken. YAY

Hope your weekend is sew successful too.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Button, Button (Macro Monday)

I'm calling this Quilter's Candy.  : D

Thanks for stopping by today.

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and have great week!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Whew, I made it....finished just in time to play along!

I've been a bit "out of it" lately.  At least when it comes to quilting.
Lacking inspiration or creative energy or something!
And then came....
Who knew? All it took was a simple game
and the creativity of many of my blogging friends
to set me in motion. I'm joining the fun over at 
Hillbilly Handiworks and here is my BINGO card.

The original instructions were to color code the columns
but I was having difficulty finding fabric that fit the colors.
So glad the rules were flexible. I did themes instead:

B - Bold & Black  (love those brights on black background)
I - Insects & Other Cute Critters  (awww...)
N - Nature's Candy (hot weather here makes me love fruit)
G - Go BRIGHT (more of those brights I love)
O - Ocean  (my favorite place)

I found some alphabet buttons for the top row letters
and because I couldn't resist any excuse to buy buttons
I found these wonderfully bright colored buttons for my markers.
 And I added a W for Wendy to my mark my center "free" square.

Here's my card with the list attached!
Can't wait to play along.
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

UFOs, NewFOs and Neither

I'm gonna start with NEITHER!
While I haven't been in a quilting mood lately,
I always seem to keep some sort of stitching going.
So here's a peek at a new "side" project...more about this in a minute.

I can't believe April is already here and I never posted my progress:
UFO finished and framed...
I hung my 15 year old finally finished Lighthouse Cross Stitch
above my little fireplace makes me smile!
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And the progress on my NewFO is short but sweet...
One Raggedy Ann Redwork block finished!
Linking to NewFO's.

And finally back to the NEITHER.
I started to get tired of all the red I've been working with lately,
and with April here I needed some colorful Spring cheer.
So last weekend I came across a cute, light floral embroidery pattern...
 ...rummaged through my embroidery floss stash...
...and have been happily stitching away the last week.

Without Rhyme nor Reason, no UFO or NewFO pressure
Just pure enjoyment working with a variety of color and stitches.

I recently contracted the cold I've been avoiding for many weeks, 
but at least I have something to keep my mind occupied.

Best Wishes for your Easter!
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P.S. My camera is not cooperating and giving me fits!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sparkly Markers (Macro Monday)

I'm still in a creative slump with my quilting
and it seems my blogging has taken a slight detour.
Don't worry though...I feel it returning but...
in the meantime I'm experimenting
with my photogrpahy.....
 today's theme ~sparkly markers
not the kind you write with...
but the kind that "mark" your place
I just love my bookmarkers....
and although I've done a fair amount of reading lately
I'm hoping to get back to sewing soon!
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