Thursday, March 8, 2012

Finish It First - Lighthouse XStitch

My cross stitch UFO is now an FO.
I started this piece about 15 years (yes that says years) ago and finally
got the cross stitch bug again, long enough to finish!
Soon it will be matted and framed and residing above my mantel.

As I shared bits and pieces of my recent progress
I received comments about the backstitch "outlining" in some projects.
Here's the difference in this one...
...adding just a touch of definition!

Lighthouses fascinate me and I never get tired
of photographing them and capturing their images in
my quilting and needlework.

Here's a few more pics from a recent day on the coast.
First up is my favorite and my link to Foto Finish; few words can describe scenes like these:
It was sunny but WINDY...
which made the water the most beautiful blue/greens...
and the waves crashing all around.
Churning up foam on the sand...
And holding off the fog...

 And of course, the light on the hill...
A great (much needed) getaway for me and my good friend, Char.
Did I mention it was WINDY?
Anyway...Happy Stitching!
P.S. I'm crossing this off my Finish It First list
hosted by Heather

Update: Also linking to
sew many ways


Anonymous said...

Wendy…so very beautiful, such artistic work in the cross stitch and photography!


Heather said...

Looks awesome Wendy! I crossed it off your list at FIF. I love your sea-side photos... Makes me want to go back to California and the beach!

Raewyn said...

Well done on the finish!!! It is beautiful - and the backstitching really does help. Love your coastal shots too.

Faith S. said...

Wow, that came out awesome! I can't wait to see it hanging up in your place....I think we need to frame that photo too and hang it up - no, no, no...not the "hair" one - LOL! Your gorgeous lighthouse one!

Love ya gf,

Tiffany said...

What a nice finish. I love how your after really makes details pop.

Barbara said...

Beautiful images, Wendy. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This is just fabulous, the backstitch makes all the difference. I bet you're so pleased to have it finished!

Judy said...

As a cross-stitcher myself I feel your pain on dragging those cross-stitch projects when all they needs is the details. I've had the same problem, my new problem is framing all the projects. Love your ocean pictures!

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

I love your finish, beautiful.

Sandra said...

You have captured some real beauty in those photos!
Congrats on the cross stitch finish. The outlining makes a big difference. Nice job:)