Monday, February 27, 2012

California Poppy on Macro Monday

~spotted Saturday on a day trip to the ocean~
~peeking out among the grey and wind~
~struggling to open~
~along this path~
~among these~
~and this~
~leading here~
~and finally here~

All work and no sewing makes a girl grumpy
 but not enough that a day at the beach couldn't cure.

Ready to face another week of work
and hopefully some sewing time.
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sunny said...

It's all beautiful! A day at eh beach will cure almost anything for me.

Sheila said...

A day at the beach is a wonderful way to spend a day ,looks wonderful !

Laura said...

so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots…the drifting sand looks like a snow drift and the blue hues of the ocean are beautiful!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Photo with the path to the beach is wonderful.

Regards and best wishes

Faith S. said...

...beautiful, gorgeous, wish I was...oh, wait a minute, I WAS there!!! LOL! Sorry I'm so late in posting - sheesh what a week...go away for ONE day and how far behind one gets...sigh.