Monday, February 27, 2012

California Poppy on Macro Monday

~spotted Saturday on a day trip to the ocean~
~peeking out among the grey and wind~
~struggling to open~
~along this path~
~among these~
~and this~
~leading here~
~and finally here~

All work and no sewing makes a girl grumpy
 but not enough that a day at the beach couldn't cure.

Ready to face another week of work
and hopefully some sewing time.
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Whirling Star for Wintermint

I'm so happy I got to spend time in my sewing room yesterday. 
Sometimes, life is like a whirlwind and I get so caught up
in taking care of business, I just can't squeeze in time for fun.
BUT yesterday I just decided to put away my cares and dig into...
my Bliss fabric and work on my Wintermint.

I SO wanted to just cut enough to make one block.  
Do you get that way too, anxious to see the finished product?
Let's face it, these photos show the WORK part of quilting.
But I have to say, cutting and organizing 
make the fun go faster in the long run!

And this block came together quickly.
I admit, I'm cutting the white one block at a patience for that.
This block is a cross between a star and pinwheel, I think.
Finally a finish...Whirling Star!

Now add that to my circle of geese,
and the first two blocks of WINTERMINT are done!

Makin' time for more sewing fun this week!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NewFOs - January

The NewFO Challenge over at Cat Patches was a great idea for keeping the projects I'm longing to try at the forefront of my mind.  That said, I was able to start two of the items on my NewFO list this month


The first, includes a block I shared Monday.
It's for a quilt I'm calling
because the Bliss fabric reminds me of
peppermint and wintergreen.
And here's my idea for a second block that will go with it.
Except the white will be plain white (no dots)
and white will also replace the blue dot fabric.
I really wanted to have the second block done before this post
but it didn't happen.

we don't have to finish our projects, just get started on them.

Well I have one more project I started too.
It's my Raggedy Ann Redwork Quilt.
(Normally I won't show pieces that aren't pressed 
but these are still in process so I don't have a choice.)
My mom is helping with the embroidery...this is her first block.
It's fun to have projects we can do together...this is my first block.
And here they are together.
Of course there are more...and we'll get to them eventually.

So that's it for me, two NewFOs started in January.
Looking forward to seeing everyone else's starts!
P.S.  Click on NewFOs above to see others and/or join the link up.