Sunday, January 15, 2012

Foto Finish

UPDATE: Linking to Weekend Reflections - 1/29/12
It's a pretty mild day here in California's central valley.
I haven't done a whole lot of sewing so I thought I'd link to Foto Finish and share one of my favorite photos.

Knight's Ferry Covered Bridge
This was actually taken back in November. In fact, it was Black Friday
and I really wanted to get out of town and the crazy shoppers.

Here's a view from the bridge.

My son and I had a really nice time that day hiking along the water
and enjoying the peace and quiet and snapping photos along the way.


Barbara said...

I love covered bridges! Where is this? We have a few in Oregon.

Sheila said...

Great photos , I also love covered bridges although rather rare in this area ,none in Nova Scotia and one in New Brunswick that I know of. Thanks for sharing.

sunny said...

Wonderful shots! That is a long covered bridge! I'd much rather be out hiking and photographing than shopping on Black Friday.

James said...

Beautiful shots and what a beautiful day! I love covered bridges but I don't think there are any down here in So. Cal.