Saturday, January 21, 2012

Counted Cross Stitch

Since the beginning of the new year I have been in somewhat of a creative slump when it comes to quilting.  Then while cleaning and reorganizing my sewing room, I came across a counted cross stitch project I started many, many years ago.  It is nearly finished and it's just been sitting there.  I'll show you some of that project in a minute but first I thought I'd share two of my favorite completed needlework pieces that did find a place on my walls.
When I stitched this I hadn't started quilting and couldn't have told you what that pattern was in there.  Do you see the Dresden Plates?  But I was drawn to the project because I'd always loved quilts.
Counted Cross Stitch is my favorite type of needlework.
My love of the ocean drew me to this pattern. 
It wasn't quite as involved as the one above but I sure like the way it turned out.

And now to my current project.
I don't want to show the whole thing til I finish 
but here's a very small snippet.
I finished the majority of the cross stitches 
and am moving on to the outlining which is my favorite part!  
Compare the one above with the one below
and you can see how it brings out the detail and dimension.
Anyway, I'm enjoying having something to keep
my hands busy until I figure out my next quilting adventure.
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Sheila said...

They are all beautiful Wendy , I love cross stitch but my eyes can't seem to handle it much anymore but it is a relaxing craft. Can't wait to see the finished project.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

So pretty

sunny said...

Very nice! I've recently rediscovered cross stitch, and although my eyes aren't as good as they were, I'm loving it again! Can't wait to see your finished project.

quirky said...

These are lovely! I always thought that the backstitching part was such a chore but it really shows up the detail.

Jan said...

Your work is beautiful. Can't wait to see it finished.

Toodie said...

Your stitchery is gorgeous. I love your choices of work, as well. Can't wait to see the finished product of this last one!

Kate said...

Very pretty cross stitch! I never finished anything to the outlining stage.

Kim said...

Beautiful cross stitch! THat was my first sewing adventure--and still one of my favorites! I love Paula Vaughn patterns! I haven't done any with just the quilts, but have a couple with the Victorian dresses in them hanging in my bedroom.

I guess it is no surprise that the first quilt top I made was a redwork quilt! LOL

Faith S. said...

You know I love everything you are so talented my bff!!


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I did the same cross stitch picture (top one) years ago along with several others that involved quilts. Like you, little did I know that I would one day be quilting. Beautiful work and I look forward to the big reveal.
Have a wonderful weekend, Wendy!