Sunday, January 8, 2012

...and Beyond!

Remember the Infinity Scarf I made for my mom?
I knew I wouldn't be able to stop at just one. So...
~a graduation gift~
~a Christmas gift~
~a New Year's gift~
They were so simple and fun to make,
my last bit of sewing of 2011.

And now looking ahead, (in no particular order)
here's my list of projects for the

“I Spy” Disappearing 9 patch
(w/fabric from I Spy swap)
Quilts from the Heart – Kids Charity
(also from my I Spy swap & stash)
Dresden Quilt
(from my ‘30s print stash)
Pixellated Zelda Quilt
(for my son to remind him of his early video gaming days)
Dilly Dally Pinwheel Quilt 
(w/prairie point border)
(Bliss Fabric w/Circle of Geese & Whirling Star blocks)
Free Motion Quilting Project
(can’t wait to learn & improve my FMQ)
Victory Quilt WWII for Dad
 Raggedy Ann Redwork
Sprocket pillow
Quilted Cards
Weighted Pin Cushion Organizer
Christmas quilt
(Xmas fabric I’ve had forever)
The trouble now is, deciding where to start.
And for some reason, I'm not finding much inspiration. : /
Maybe just a creative slump?


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

All of the Infinity Scarves are beautiful - love the color combinations you went with.
Looks like you have plenty to do in the new year. One day soon one of those things on your list will jump out at you and your creative slump will be over. Sometimes a break is necessary.

sunny said...

Beautiful scarves! I have a very long list for NewFO's myself, and I plan to start with a couple of the smaller, simpler items. Because in addition to starting things, I'd like to have a finish to really get me motivated! Good Luck.

Saskia said...

Great scarfs! Like the colors! And you made a long list of NewFO's. I just like to finish UFO's and WIP's this year. So I just have 2 NewFO's this year.(NOT... there will be probably be more LOL)

Anonymous said...

I love my scarf. Of course it is purple. There is no other color but my purple. You are probably having a quilters creative block right now. I can't wait to see all the exciting quilts that you have picked for yourself though. They are going to be fun.


Christie describeHappy said...

I love the Buzzlight year reference and those scarves are fantastic!! The beads on the last one are a nice touch too. Awesome!

EG CameraGirl said...

Such lovely colour combinations!