Sunday, January 29, 2012

Macro Monday and More...

I had a creative breakthrough Sunday and 
finally got some serious sewing done.
I'll start with a close up (since it IS macro monday).

Here's the blurred idea in my imagination...
becoming a reality.
I am awed by Flying Geese...
as well as this Bliss fabric.
Creating the block
that will soon become...

More to follow...eventually.
Happy Monday!
P.S. The Circle of Geese block is not my original, of course.
But it takes a little concentration, and that's been
a long time coming for me.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Niner Rush (Macro Monday)

Yesterday I didn't get much stitching done as I was cheering on my 49ers in the NFC Championship game.
Sadly, they lost but in honor of their awesome season,
I just have to say to all those guys and 
their super coach, Harbaugh,
thanks for the rush!
Let's make it all the way next year!
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Counted Cross Stitch

Since the beginning of the new year I have been in somewhat of a creative slump when it comes to quilting.  Then while cleaning and reorganizing my sewing room, I came across a counted cross stitch project I started many, many years ago.  It is nearly finished and it's just been sitting there.  I'll show you some of that project in a minute but first I thought I'd share two of my favorite completed needlework pieces that did find a place on my walls.
When I stitched this I hadn't started quilting and couldn't have told you what that pattern was in there.  Do you see the Dresden Plates?  But I was drawn to the project because I'd always loved quilts.
Counted Cross Stitch is my favorite type of needlework.
My love of the ocean drew me to this pattern. 
It wasn't quite as involved as the one above but I sure like the way it turned out.

And now to my current project.
I don't want to show the whole thing til I finish 
but here's a very small snippet.
I finished the majority of the cross stitches 
and am moving on to the outlining which is my favorite part!  
Compare the one above with the one below
and you can see how it brings out the detail and dimension.
Anyway, I'm enjoying having something to keep
my hands busy until I figure out my next quilting adventure.
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Pin Point (Macro Monday)

Pin Point

It's time to sew...

And a sneak peek at my cross's almost finished.

Happy Stitching!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Foto Finish

UPDATE: Linking to Weekend Reflections - 1/29/12
It's a pretty mild day here in California's central valley.
I haven't done a whole lot of sewing so I thought I'd link to Foto Finish and share one of my favorite photos.

Knight's Ferry Covered Bridge
This was actually taken back in November. In fact, it was Black Friday
and I really wanted to get out of town and the crazy shoppers.

Here's a view from the bridge.

My son and I had a really nice time that day hiking along the water
and enjoying the peace and quiet and snapping photos along the way.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

...and Beyond!

Remember the Infinity Scarf I made for my mom?
I knew I wouldn't be able to stop at just one. So...
~a graduation gift~
~a Christmas gift~
~a New Year's gift~
They were so simple and fun to make,
my last bit of sewing of 2011.

And now looking ahead, (in no particular order)
here's my list of projects for the

“I Spy” Disappearing 9 patch
(w/fabric from I Spy swap)
Quilts from the Heart – Kids Charity
(also from my I Spy swap & stash)
Dresden Quilt
(from my ‘30s print stash)
Pixellated Zelda Quilt
(for my son to remind him of his early video gaming days)
Dilly Dally Pinwheel Quilt 
(w/prairie point border)
(Bliss Fabric w/Circle of Geese & Whirling Star blocks)
Free Motion Quilting Project
(can’t wait to learn & improve my FMQ)
Victory Quilt WWII for Dad
 Raggedy Ann Redwork
Sprocket pillow
Quilted Cards
Weighted Pin Cushion Organizer
Christmas quilt
(Xmas fabric I’ve had forever)
The trouble now is, deciding where to start.
And for some reason, I'm not finding much inspiration. : /
Maybe just a creative slump?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Macro Monday - Putting Away Christmas

Couldn't resist pullng out my camera as I was un-decorating such shiny, sparkling color.
Just love all the reflection (although I can see my camera too).

Don't the lights look like stars, almost as though I had a filter?
But, I don't have fancy equipment like that.
They are actually reflections of the ceiling fan above the table!

One last shot...
...then wrapping it up for another year.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Finishes and Fav's of 2011

It was kind of fun looking back at my sewing accomplishments of the past year.  I can't really call them finishes since some are still works in progress but here's my best of 2011.
Center then clockwise from upper left corner:  Stairway to Cat Heaven, Circle of Geese (paper pieced), Ruby Pearl (Grandmother's Flower Garden), Pillow Case (French Seams), Just One Star (military project), Flutterby (3D triangles), Cathedral Windows Pillow (Be Mine Sew-a-long), Lighthouse Embroidery (Mom and me project), Margarita Mat (my first mug rug), Kite Mug Rug (3D kite for swap), Dresden Plate (future pillow), Infinity Scarf (Yay Math!), So Sweet Sophie (Prairie Point Border for my neice's baby and first girl in the family!).  Not pictured...various swap blocks.

I learned a lot this year and have great plans for 2012.
Soon I will be linking to NewFO over at Cat Patches.

Maybe you'd like to join in with your plans for the New Year.