Monday, December 19, 2011

To Infinity...

I've seen these neck warmer/looped scarves in catalogues and online but just recently heard one referred to as Infinity Scarf by my fellow math geek over at Cut to Pieces.  (So nice to hear someone else speak fondly of math.)

Quick, I'll show you my version, then talk about the geeky math part.
You can kind of see the figure eight in the middle just like the math symbol for infinity.

Actually, the scarf is constructed as a Mobius strip, where the ends are connected to form a ring. BUT one end is flipped (switching the front with the back) and then attached to the other end.

To wear it, put it over your head, twist it, then put it over your head again.
(Like you would a pony tail holder!)

It makes a fluffy, comfy attractive little neck warmer
or simply a pretty fashion accessory if you prefer.

In the tutorials I followed (here and here), they all paired flannel
with a different fabric of their choice. 

 I may do that with future scarves, but since I was making this as a gift for my mom,
I knew she'd appreciate the more satiny lining I used with the batik.
Amazingly, I came across the little bracelet as I was leaving the store with my fabric.
It was the perfect finish for my mom's birthday gift.

And she liked it so much she agreed to model it for me.
Wasn't that sweet!

This was such an EASY gift to make, I think I see more of them in my future.
Including one for myself!


Faith S. said...

Hmmm, I think I need one of those! LOL! That is gorgeous! And, you used MY favorite MAF symbol!!! Afterall 8 is my lucky number and I have always loved the symbol for infinity....I used it for something with my writing a while may see it at some point if I ever get my writing done :/


Quiltstory said...

Genius!! Such a great gift, love it. Thanks for linking up!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea. Your mom looks so pretty with it on. I bet she is going to get some great use out of it. She may ask you to make more colors for her. You may have created a monster!! LOL. Anyway love it.


Ellie said...

Hi, thanks for coming over and for you comment on my blog - I really appreciate it :)
I really love your scarf and very interesting to read about. It suits your mum lovely.
One of the things I am hoping to do after the holidays is start a quilt of some sort. I've never done one before.

Stella Jones said...

What a pretty scarf and your mum looks so good in it too.
I wouldn't have thought of doing that loop thingy, but it works really well doesn't it and you don't have a lot of loose ends waving about.
Very creative.

Sandra said...

Great job on the infinity scarf! I've admired them from a distance, but never really looked into how they are constructed. It looks lovely on your mother:)

Joy said...

Thanks for sharing. The scarf is beautiful matched only by your mother's beauty. I love the colors. Blessings, Joy

sorbetsurprise said...

I love the idea of the soft fabric next to your skin and the fashion fabric on the outside!