Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Seems like I usually get some sewing in on Saturdays and so it was again this weekend.  And since I don't have much Christmas sewing planned, I decided to finish a project I started back in October.
Let's just call it my pillow project.  You see I sleep with about a dozen pillows (due to bad sinuses and such). Ok so not quite a dozen, but I decided I needed to spruce up my pillow collection with some nice new cases.  So, I got online and ordered this fabric that I thought would complement and update my decor.
It's called Amelia, by Me and My Sister for Moda, and Crazy for Dots by RJR.
I just love that fun paisley but I haven't cut into it yet. 
But here's what I came up with using the other three.
I looked at lots of tutorials and settled on this one.
I loved the cuff with a special trim and I got to learn something new to me called french seams.
It went together so fast and easy peasy (and the hidden seams are awesome!)

So, one more like this and then I'll decide what to do with that paisley!

And I know it's a bit late for a project that started at the beginning of this year,
but I'm thinking I just might join in on The 1 Million Pillow Case Challenge!
Have you heard of it?

Anyway, here's to a good night's sleep.


Sheila said...

Love the pillowcase and I love making them , made a few for my grandkids for Christmas and also did it with the french seams ,really like that idea. The Million pillowcase challenge I have heard of , our quilt guild took part last year and made around 65 on last count , I think I'll try to convince them to do it again since it is still going on . Thanks for that reminder. Merry Christmas to you and your family. hugs Sheila

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Wendy..Merry Christmas! I love your pillowcases..I must make some more soon, they are so much better than bought ones and it thrills me every time I wake up on them knowing that I made them..hehe! I'll catch up with you again in late January.

Christie describeHappy said...

I have had pillowcases on my list of want to make for a long time... I can't wait to give it a go after hearing about your time making them. And the colors you picked are so relaxing!! Merry Christmas!!

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

Pretty fabrics ..