Monday, December 12, 2011

Macro Monday

Being the wanna be photographer I am, I enjoy browsing photography websites.  Recently I came across a site with a linkup called Macro Monday.  It's a place to share macro (close up) photos and I thought I'd join in this week. 

So look what we found on the Christmas Tree while getting the stand ready:
Isn't she (he?) cute!
Just the other night I saw on the news a story about a family who set up their tree
and eventually found a creature inside.  Guess what it was?
I'm quite relieved I got the Lady Bug instead!!
You might want to go check your tree. : D
Have a great week!


Faith S. said...

Awesome Pic - Really great close-up, don't know how you do that....mine always get all blurry. :)

I heard about that snake too, what is really funny is it was a FAKE tree! :0


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your Christmas tree came with a little creature bringing you good luck. I was always told that a ladybug is good luck. And that is soooo much better than a snake!

sunny said...

From one 'wannabe' to another, that is a fantastic shot! What lens are you using? I'd much rather have a ladybug than a snake, and I did see that story. ugh...

Saskia said...

O lord! I just thought, that's why I want a fake tree!
And then read the comments... The snake was found in a fake tree. Give me the lady bug please ;-)

Kirsten said...

It would definitely be much nicer to find a lady bug rather than a snake in your tree!!! Great photo:)