Saturday, November 12, 2011

Reach Out!

After being at my new job just a few short weeks (back in August), I quickly became aware of the latest trendy catch phrase in the online world of education. When you're in need of advice, opinions or any other information, you are encouraged Reach Out to your co-worker or Reach Out to your supervisor.  When your students are in need, Reach Out to them.  (Honestly, it kind of gets on my nerves.) But, after working on this sewing project last weekend, I've decided to Reach Out to you all to help me decide on a finish. A few people who saw my post, guessed I was working on a Dresden Plate that will be made into a pillow.

And you were right.  Here's what I have so far!
But now I'm stuck.
Which fabric should go in the center?
I don't want to go outside this fabric line, but I just can't decide what looks best.
So I'm Reaching Out!  Care to give your opinion?
The choices are below and I'd love to hear which one you'd choose and why!
Click on the picture for a closer look, then leave me your choice in a comment.

Thanks for helping me out!


diana said...

I'd say none :P. I keep seeing a cross when you add a fabric you already used and i don't really kike it. Maybe something else? [just in case you didn't have enough options :)))]

Anonymous said...

As Diana said, whatever fabric you use makes the spokes of that fabric stand out. I guess it depends on what look you are going for. #'s 3 and 4 seems less obtrusive. What would happen if you use a plain fabric in either the very dark or very light color?

Staci said...

I see what the first two commenter mean, whatever fabric you put in the middle makes that fabric in the center stand out most. But to my eyes, the light petals stand out most no matter what, and that isn't a bad thing, any dresden plate has certain petals that seem most prominent.

I would say use #2, the dark print. By bringing the dark petals to the forefront with the dark center, it balances the light petals out quite a lot.

The medium tones just kind of bleed into the background, and the last one really makes the light petals stand up and shout out to be noticed.

I love your fabrics. Very beautiful, and such calming and soothing colors, but interesting and exciting prints. It is a very lovely dresden.

Faith S. said...

As someone with no experience I was drawn immediately to both two and three, however I felt three had the most "balance" to it. It seemed to draw in the color scheme the most, as well as the other sections of it's own type quite well. IMHO anyway. ;)


Anonymous said...

#2 would be my choice...does seem to be a better blend and not focus on a particular color or 'petal'. The fabrics together are very beautiful!


Marg said...

The Dresden looks really pretty, lovely cool soothing colours. I think # 2 also, it balances out the petal colours the best.

Sheila said...

My choice would be No. 2 , I definitely like the darker color the best and unlike the lighter shades it is not as obvious to make the spoke as suggested in the other comments. Good luck.

Shannon said...

I like number 4. The darker center brings out all of the darker pieces. I like how the darker pieces are almost spread out evenly.

Sandra said...

I agree with the others who have commented. Whatever color you choose from the fabric line tends to bring those spokes to the foreground. Have you thought about where the pillow will be placed when you are finished? Perhaps if you lay the block against the couch, bedding, etc. it will help make your decision.

Whatever you decide, they all look lovely to me:)