Sunday, November 20, 2011


Finally, with the help of all of you who were so kind to give me your opinion and advice,
my first Dresden plate is complete!
I went with option #2, the darker blue center.
I really like it and now all I need to do is follow through with making it into a pillow.
Thanks again for your help!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Reach Out!

After being at my new job just a few short weeks (back in August), I quickly became aware of the latest trendy catch phrase in the online world of education. When you're in need of advice, opinions or any other information, you are encouraged Reach Out to your co-worker or Reach Out to your supervisor.  When your students are in need, Reach Out to them.  (Honestly, it kind of gets on my nerves.) But, after working on this sewing project last weekend, I've decided to Reach Out to you all to help me decide on a finish. A few people who saw my post, guessed I was working on a Dresden Plate that will be made into a pillow.

And you were right.  Here's what I have so far!
But now I'm stuck.
Which fabric should go in the center?
I don't want to go outside this fabric line, but I just can't decide what looks best.
So I'm Reaching Out!  Care to give your opinion?
The choices are below and I'd love to hear which one you'd choose and why!
Click on the picture for a closer look, then leave me your choice in a comment.

Thanks for helping me out!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just one more...

I really need to get started on my next big project but again I stumbled onto another block I've been longing to try. (So many things on the back burner!)  Anyway, I decided to do just one more experiment with my favorite fabric...any guesses as to the block?

Here's how I started.....hint #1

and then
I'm sure you've got it now.
What do you think it'll be?