Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Wonky Life

Seriously, is it fall already?  I'm still spinning wondering what happened to my life over the summer.  Let me start first with my latest bee block.  Can you guess what kind of block was asked for? Yep WONKY!
Ugh, it hurts to post this.  Mostly because Bailey asked
that we not trim the block as she would do
that herself to make it fit with her project.

(But, please just let me just crop it up a bit
and straighten out those edges.)
And because WONKY is just not my favorite style.
I think I mentioned it before but my brain has a very
hard time with asymmetric design and randomness.

This is the 3rd project since June where I was asked
to make a WONKY block.  And as I was sewing this one
(trying to follow a pattern, or at least a guideline), the thought occurred
to me how WONKY my LIFE has been since June!

Events, circumstances, plans, hopes...have just not lined up the way it played out in my head.  I made a major job change and had plans for a move I'd been anticipating for a long time.  As life would have it, the job has had its ups and downs (although seems ot be leveling out finally) and my Oregon move had to be postponed until Spring.  It was originally scheduled for this weekend  : (

I'm a bit disappointed but realized the twists and turns, however jagged, will turn out just right in the end.  And I'll eventually get to where I wanna be. I'm happy with that.

Just like my latest WONKY block!
Believe it or not, I actually kind of enjoyed working on it.
And I do love the stained glass/mosaic effect it ended up having!

Pretty fabric Bailey chose too!

Still, fingers crossed, I'm done with WONKY for awhile.

P.S. No offense to all the WONKY lovers out there!


Christie describeHappy said...

Gosh, I can certainly relate to the whole enough with life being wonky comment. A steady bit would be great for awhile wouldn't it. I could sense where you were going too with the blog and not trimming the edges. That must take a lot of will power to not trim, ha!! Ok, last thought... even though you may not care for wonky... your darn good at. That's a great block!! Hope you are having a great day!!

Sheila said...

I agree with Christie , this is a great block even though you don't like wonky and I am in the same frame of mind , things shouldn't be wonky . I have had to make a wonky house recently and it went against everything I am used to so found it a little challenging .

Staci said...

Oh, sorry to hear your move has been postponed. I was wondering if you had already moved, and somehow I had missed you blogging about it.
Your block looks really great, though.

Faith S. said...

Oh come on now! Your BFF is the MOST WONKY thing ever! So you have NO choice but to absolutely LOVE wonky right now - LOL! Besides, that is the most BEAUTIFUL quilt. Personally I LOVE it and think it is gorgeous!!!! But, I suppose that is because I am so freakin' WONKY, right?! :)

Love ya,

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

You and me both. I have a very had time doing wonky and have yet to make up Bailey's block :( Yours looks wonderful. Sorry to hear about the delay in your move but you certainly have a postitive attitude about it.

Bailey said...

I'm glad you ended up enjoying working on this block, it looks great...and here's hoping you can get through the rest of the year with no WONKY!