Sunday, October 23, 2011

Geeses in Paper Pieces

I'm in between large projects right now and decided, with a little inspiration from Sheila's recent post, to, yet again, try foundation paper piecing. Previous futile attempts won't stop me because I see so many great patterns out there that use this technique. 

So last night...I started with this...
And after much flipping & flopping and snipping
and a tiny bit of cursing I got this...
...which may not look like much yet...
but with this stash (same fabric I used for my
looking like a "Circle of Geese" like this one.

Since I didn't have time to finish the other 3 quarters
in my haste to see what the end result would be
I did a little trick photography & created this mosaic...
 a great visual of what is to come!

Yet as I was getting these photos ready for my blog,
then I started noticing my "mistakes".
(Don't you hate that?)

As you can see, I somehow snipped a corner or
didn't have enough fabric to cover that piece (ugh!)
that huge chunk of white shouldn't be showing like that.
Guess I forgot to trim a seam.  : /

Of course, I stopped in the middle of posting to go
do that looks better now but I didn't
take another photo.

But, I learned from it all and can't wait to finish my
paper pieced Circle of Geese.
You can go here to see where I got
my inspiration for this pattern!  They are awesome!

Now I'm off to more sewing...

5 comments: said...

I will like this, I just might give it a try myself, I love paper piecing.


Raewyn said...

Looking good - that's a fun pattern you are using - I may even get inspired myself! (Like the clever trick with the trick photography!)

Татьяна said...

Какой красивый и яркий блок. Одеяло должно получиться очень красивым.Для меня этот блок очень сложный .

Sheila said...

Glad to be of some inspiration to you Wendy , you have started out wonderfully in the PP world. We all snip too much now and then and yes even curse a time or two but in the end it all works out perfectly , this is a great block and I love your trick photography :-)

Vivian said...

Thanks for the link on Flickr. Those flying geese are wonderful!! What a fun project you're working on. The more you do it, the easier it gets. But even experienced paper piecers can goof up now and then. You just have to focus with every seam. I like the precision of paper piecing and I HAVE... TO... SLOW... DOWN to do it right. Love your fabrics.