Sunday, October 16, 2011

Butterfly Landing

So, the Flutterby Quilt made its way to ...
 my awesome Aunt Laura.
I wanted to give her something special
because she's a very special person.
She has a funny, feisty (in a good way) personality and is a
wonderful sister, mother and aunt!

We always look forward to her visits where
there's sure to be a rowdy, yet friendly game of Phase 10
followed by a nice slice of pie and hot cup of coffee!

So, Aunt Laura, hoping to see you SOON!
In the meantime, I hope it gets cold enough at some point
in the usually hot, hot Phoenix, AZ
so you can put your Flutterby to good use.
Your "favorite" neice! (wink wink)


Anonymous said...

Ah, so sweet!

Raewyn said...

How lovely to see that it your butterfly quilt is safely in its new home :-)

Shannon said...

She looks so happy. I bet she uses it even if it is to hot!!

Anonymous said...

I would say your butterfly quilt was a success. All the colors brighten her face. I am looking forward to her visiting also. She is one funny lady with a good heart.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt for a beautiful and butterflys are a perfect fit!

Your Sis,


Sheila said...

I am sure your flutterby quilt will be loved and cherished by your aunt Laura.