Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beach Therapy

So...I did make a bit more progress on my flutterby quilt but first let me share an afternoon at the beach! Last sunday, one of my best buddies and I drove to Pacific Grove in Monterey, CA and spent a relaxing day enjoying the surf and sand.
I never learned to surf, but I sure love watching those
who are braver than me catch some waves!
 I'll just pretend that's me.
The waves weren't huge,
but still awesome.
My favorite color, aquamarine (above).
What a mix of sounds, the roar of the breakers...
...the peace as they subside!
The salty air and the sounds of seagulls, laughter and fun.
Just what we needed.

There's more I want to share about the afternoon,
but I'll save it for a later post.

Meanwhile, I'll be working to add the final 2 rows to Flutterby.
Wishing all of you some relaxing beach therapy.
Try'll like it!!


Faith S. said...

Oh, I MOST definately would like it...sigh. In a lounge chair, with a glass of wine...sigh.

Gorgeous flutterby quilt by the way - you, my friend, have talents from above.


Kathryn D. Duke said...

I am on the east coast and one of my very favorite things is going to the beach...I could feel those waves in the husband , who is older than me, asked "when do you think we will stop swimming in the ocean?" not know, but for now we still love it too!!.....

nice progress on your butterfly quilt...

Christie describeHappy said...

That's great therapy! Thanks for a visit to the beach!