Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beach Therapy

So...I did make a bit more progress on my flutterby quilt but first let me share an afternoon at the beach! Last sunday, one of my best buddies and I drove to Pacific Grove in Monterey, CA and spent a relaxing day enjoying the surf and sand.
I never learned to surf, but I sure love watching those
who are braver than me catch some waves!
 I'll just pretend that's me.
The waves weren't huge,
but still awesome.
My favorite color, aquamarine (above).
What a mix of sounds, the roar of the breakers...
...the peace as they subside!
The salty air and the sounds of seagulls, laughter and fun.
Just what we needed.

There's more I want to share about the afternoon,
but I'll save it for a later post.

Meanwhile, I'll be working to add the final 2 rows to Flutterby.
Wishing all of you some relaxing beach therapy.
Try'll like it!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Row By Row

So I moved from inching along to sewing some rows together on my Flutterby quilt.  Maybe some of you remember my earlier posts on this one. 

The blocks have 3D butterflies in them and when put together will hopefully look like a garden full of butterflies.
Earlier this week, I spent a little time finishing the blocks...
Speed pieced and assembled...
Stacked and ready for layout...
Sample of layout ideas....
(Saving the completed layout til all blocks are sewn together.)

And last night I sewed the 7 individual rows...
...that are now ready for pressing (seams).

Then I can sew the 7 rows together and begin working on a border!

Happy to have had a chance to make more progress on it.

Wanted to join FNSI but it's been an exhausting week,
so my feet are up and I'm ready to watch a movie...
either that or repeats of the Golden Girls.
I could use a good laugh.  ; )

Happy Weekend!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Inch by Inch

Inch by's a cinch! Yard by's very hard!
 My motto for this summer.  Most of you know I've had to really limit my sewing lately and it's been a struggle for me.  I'm not one to slow down like this.  I've always got to be doing something with my hands.  But while my wrists  heal, slow and easy it will have to be.

My major accomplishment so far this month is this Mug Rug
for the Mug Rug Swap Adventure 2.
(that was due June 30th)
I started with a 3D kite patterned from this quilt I made late last year.
I used mini ric rac for the kite string,
then found these bow buttons for the kite ties.
Of course, the background is the blue sky...
...that needed a little sun and cloud.
And there you have it!

It is on its way to Wendi, a very patient and understanding lady.
I hope she likes it.

And I'm back to inching along....

Friday, July 1, 2011

Little by Little

I am taking baby steps as I return to sewing.  One part of the health issues I'm dealing with is carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists.  So you can imagine what that does to my sewing time (as well as my blogging time)!  Anyway, I'm finding I can complete some things...little by little...and that's how it has to be while my wrists heal.  Here's what I finished this week:
For Heather, my June Block Swap Adventure partner.
She asked for a Log Cabin block with shades of blue on one side,
 white on white for the other side and yellow in the center.
  I just love making log cabin blocks
and I hope this is what she had in mind. It's in the mail!

Also, July is my month to send out fabric for
the Let's Bee Together swap,
and thanks SO MUCH to my friend Tabatha, we were able to get all the
packages in the mail on June 30th...right on time!!
Here's a peek at what's in the mail for those of you in that swap:
Thanks, TabbieG!

Since I had to limit computer time in June, 
I never posted my swap blocks for May.
Here's the block I received from Sue:
Perfect for my ocean theme...doesn't that look like thick fog? 
I just love it!

And here's what I made for Sue:
She asked for batiks in fall/autumn colors
and I really liked working with these brights.
They're a little more fallish in person I think...and she seemed happy with it.

So...that's it for now!  Time to get off the computer. 
I really miss reading and commenting on blogs,
I do read some every day, I just can't always comment.

Hope you're having a good summer and  for those of you in the states,
Happy July 4th!  Be "safe and sane"!!