Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Own Private FNSI

Friday could not come quick enough this week.  We don't have spring break in my district til the END of April and we are all feelin' it.  Kids, teachers...all of us are draggin' and cranky.  All I wanted to do today was come home and sew.

I decided to tackle my cathedral windows pillow top first and now have half of the windows completed.  Lovin' it!
 And I must take a moment to give a little plug here for this amazing product I discovered.

The tutorial suggested using a temporary basting spray to hold down the window fabrics til they were sewn in place.  I was a bit skeptical.  AND I have a real sensitivity to any type of fragrance so was leary of trying this.  I had no idea what brand to get so I just dove in, read the labels, compared prices and ...well I just liked the small compact can.  It's odorless and didn't seem to have any adverse affect.

Anyway, this stuff works great.  I'm impressed. When you're sewing these windows you have to flip the block back and forth and I'm amazed at how well it holds those little windows in place. Not sure how it would do for a larger project.  I always pin baste my larger quilts and probably won't change that. 
But for this small project, I'm sold!

Then I worked on my Flower Garden Quilt...but will wait to post pictures for next One Flower Wednesday.

Oh, and I don't think I ever posted my online March finished blocks...just the sneak peeks.  So...

Here's the one for Let's Bee Together:
Tiffany sent the fabric and asked for a Star block.
This pattern is StarFlower from

Staci asked for red, white and blue fabric.
This is one of the pattern's she suggested, called Jessie's Flag.

And now it's April 1st...time to get going on the next two blocks.

Hope you had a great friday night!

P.S. And in keeping with the Friday Night Sew In tradition, there should be a giveaway of some kind...and since this was my own private one, I'm treating myself to more Dilly Dally fabric for the backing on my quilt. YAY!


Karen said...

Excellent blocks Wendy!!

Ruth said...

This looks great! Thanks for pointing me to it!