Friday, March 25, 2011

Big Thanks...Long Overdue

So one day in the early part of this month while browsing blogs just letting my curiosity guide me, I stumbled onto this great blog, Creative Confessions.  I found myself reading through previous posts for quite a while.  I'd been to this blog before and kept thinking to myself...why was I not following?  So...I slid over to the sidebar and clicked the FOLLOW button.  Little did I know what that click would mean. 

Shortly after, I got an email from Heather, the author of Creative Confessions, letting me know about a secret giveaway for her 100th follower.  And guess who the 100th follower was???  Yep, ME.

I was so excited because I'm not used to being a winner.  Just doesn't happen that often.  And Heather was SO sweet about it.  She wanted to taylor make a gift to celebrate the occasion and soon after I had THIS sweet package in my mailbox.

To satisfy my needlework interest there's a couple of very nice project patterns for a candle mat and those dainty fresh Summer Pairs from CrabApple Hill.  And would you look at that tiny package of mini dresden plate template/papers.  I'd told Heather how I loved Dresden Plates and was itching to start my first project with some....and she even included the cutest little fabrics that will be perfect for them.  I love the fabric with the tiny umbrellas!!

And she included a very kind, thoughtful card  (isn't that a great wedding ring quilt on that card?)

So Heather, finally I've had a chance to officially thank you and let every one know what a great blog you have and what a super person you are!  Thanks again, this was truly a wonderful surprise!!


Ian said...

Oh wow, that's awesome! There are good people in the world, haha. You deserve it!

Faith S. said...

How sweet...and what an awesome name she has ;)