Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flutter By

Last night was Friday Night Sew In and I was able to get some work (not really work...just fun) done on my butterfly quilt.  I started experimenting with a pattern I found with some 3D elements in it. 
The triangles in the middle are folded from squares and sewn into the seams of the four larger squares to form a butterly.

I just love the 3D effect!
And so simple!
The fun part is deciding which fabric to use for the butterflies.

I'm using fabric from Dream On by Urban Chiks.  Some of the larger print flowered patterns are out of my comfort zone but I love the colors and am now enjoying matching things up.

This next one is my favorite so far I think.  I like the butterfly print!
Here's a view of  some of the blocks together on my design board.
SPRING is definitely in the AIR, if not my sewing room!

There you have FNSI results. I was able to finish several blocks and still have time to work on my lighthouse embroidery while watching my fav friday night shows, CSI NY and Blue Bloods. 

Hope you had a FUN friday too!


Impera Magna said...

3-D butterflies! I LOVE it! The quilt is going to be too cool!!!

Faith S. said...

Ooooh, Flutterbys! I love flutterbys!

Deanna said...

It is really looking like butterflies visiting a garden. What a great idea!

Marg said...

That's a great idea and it looks gorgeous in the Dream On fabric. It's going to look fabulous.

Mary Ann said...

I LOVE your 3-D butterflies! They are "sew" cute :-)

Shannon said...

I love those blocks. I will be adding them to my "to do" list.

Angie said...

Great FNSI - I like the 3D look with the butterflies flying!

Helen said...

This is a lovely idea, you should do a tutorial or sell your design! It looks great, I can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

OH Wendy - those are SO cute! Love the 3d effect - and the fabric you chose!

Kirsten said...

The butterflies are very cute. I really like the 3D effect and your color choices.

Cheers, K

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

The flutterbys go so well in this fabric. And I can't get over the "star" effect that pops out in your last photo! What an inspiring quilt block! Great job!

Staci said...

Those blocks are just darling! I'm sure you smile every time you look at them!