Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mint Chip

I only recently started blogging about my quilting adventures so the quilt I want to share for Fabric Tuesday today is not a current project. I finished it about a year ago.  It is a special quilt because it was the first quilt I made from fabric I "couldn't resist" and picked out without knowing what it would turn into. 
It is also the first quilt I made entirely for myself.  Extra long lap/nap quilt and I love it! (I have since found myself choosing lots of fabric I "can't resist", with no concrete plan. Finding that to be a common theme for quilters.) 
Anyway, I love the retro teal or aqua & brown/dots and paisley.  The block is called a "sailor's star"  and I named the quilt MINT CHIP after my favorite ice cream, (yum). 
The backing fabric is the inverse of the brown stars on the front.  And now that it's finally getting cold here, it's getting lots of use!
Hope you have a terrific, thankful week!


Christie describeHappy said...

Finding you from Fabric Tuesday... I really like the brown and teal combo! And polka dots.. adorable!! I'm excited to see the other things you work on!

Jennifer said...

This is beautiful! Welcome to the club of "fabrics-I-can't-resist" LOL

Jennifer :)

Erin said...

I love the colours and polka dots in this quilt. So pretty.

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Hopping over here from Quiltstory...Wonderful color combination and count me in on the mint chip club! Yum! Well done! Now I have the urge to start one for myself.

Karen said...

It looks good enough to eat!!