Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Frosty Flakes

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Honestly, I didn't plan it this way, but with all the record temperature lows lately, I think my One Flower Wednesday post this week will fit in nicely.

See, I've been experimenting with 1/2 inch hexies (usually mine are 1 inch).   Here's one using Christmas fabric I've had around for a really long time.


 They make the cutest little flowers.  Here's one in progress and with a little perspective. (Although the photo doesn't do the color justice. Having so much trouble with my camera lately...awful color in the pic below.)
But the real fun was turning them into Frosty Flakes.  I got the pattern from Dawn over at As Sweet As Cinnamon and tried my hand.  (I really must go post my frosty flakes on her Flikr stream...but I'm so tired I'm falling maybe tomorrow.)(yawn!)

I haven't embroidered in years, so my first attempt is a bit rusty.  But I thot it was an adorable idea to add embroidery and beads to create these snow flakes.
Here's my second Frosty Flake and I feel like my stitching is improving with time.

So there you have it.  I'm thinking, instead of making a small wall hanging, I might just create a mug rug around each of these babies.  We'll see how creative I can be.

Thanks for visiting and have a warm, safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving!


Melody said...

Frosty Flakes is a great idea. I've made the hexie flowers but not done the embroidery yet.

Anonymous said...

Lovely with these cute little flowers.

Jossie said...

The frosty flakes are so cute. I have not seen them in such colourful fabrics. Adorable.

Unknown said...

pretty snow flakes!
The hexis are so small and delicate.

Jeanette said...

your hexies are beautiful.

Nata said...

Colle Sache! Sieht sehr schön aus!


Karen said...

Love the Frosty Flowers Wendy! Such pretty fabric. They are on my very long To-Do List.

Birdie said...

Very nice, a mug rug would be a great idea.

Marion B. said...

Lovely flowers

Joke said...

So lovely, these frosty flowers.
Yours turned out great!
One of these days I really have to try them out too.

Dolly Cloth said...

very nice hexagons

Martina said...

So lovely and they look sweet with the stitcheries!

Hilachas said...

What beautiful projects you're making with your hexies!

Birdie said...

Love them all, the embroidery adds so much.

annemieke said...

Nice colory flowers.
Wat is mug rug, i saw it on other blogs too.
Gr Annemieke.

Karyli said...

Love your hexies! They are so tiny and what a cute idea to make them into little flakes.

Hennie said...

Love your flowers ! ! !

GR Hennie.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Wonderful Wendy! Your hexie will look lovely on the rug mug! Carolyn :)