Sunday, October 3, 2010

'Tis the season....for Quilt Faire's.

So this year I looked up some local quilt shows ahead of Fall to be sure I'd make it to a few.  There's so much on the internet these days but it's not the same as seeing them "live" and getting out of the house for that matter.  Took my mom and TabbieG with me to a small local show/auction in Oakdale CA (cowboy town).  It was nice and as always run by friendly women of the sponsoring guild.  Anyway, here's our favorites and if you are interested in seeing more, come back in a few days and click the Oakdale Quilt Show tab at the top of the blog.  Enjoy!

Notice the petals being plucked from the flower around the border (above).
Love the way the flowers petals are layered  (below).

This is a Civil War Reproduction pattern made with reproduction fabric from 1860.

Pretty Purple Hearts

It was a very nice day and saved me from suffering through the 49ers disappointing last second loss, Ugh!


Anonymous said...

So enjoyed the show..loved the civil war era theme quilt!

Anonymous said...

Cool quilt. I never would have noticed the petals to the edge had you not pointed them out. But then again, I am not your most "artistic" of friends! ;)