Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My First Show...Done!

So, I finally transferred the pictures from the quilt show we went to this weekend.  It was the first time I ever entered one of my quilts to show. Although I didn't win any big prize, I got a nice participant's ribbon and it was a great experience.  Especially given it was a very rainy day up in the hills that day AND I came down with a cold and laryngitis just in time!!
Here's our first glimpse of my kite quilt.
And that's ME of course, trying to smile (feeling miserable with a cold/cough)!
Nice participant's ribbon, huh!  And the card with my quilt name and story.
My FAN club and Cheering Section!
Tabatha, Betty Jane (aka mom), Charlotte
MOM and me.  She's the one who started it all because she the one who taught me to sew.
Yes, the 'crew' that endures my fabric obsession.
And there it is...Flying to New Heights.  Follow the link to really appreciate the 3D effects of this quilt. It was super fun to make and I had fun sharing it.
Oh and it rained SO hard I didn't get many pictures of the grounds of the winery.  But even in the mist, it's pretty.  You can see the hedge shrubs carved to spell out Ironstone in the background.
See...beautiful, gorgeous...wish you were here?
Ironstone Vineyards, Murphy's California 2010


Char said...

We are SO adorable all drenched and everything! The pics came out great - I still vote for your quilt to win - I am so proud of you for entering. You are amazing, congratulations for being courageous and taking the leap. You will triumph! ;)

-Hip (aka Char)

Sandra said...

Love the pinwheel kites and how you've quilted this. Congrats on having the courage to enter a show. You are a step ahead of me in that department:)